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Innovation at the heart of honing

Animex conceives, develops and manufactures unique and efficient honing solutions, customized according to customers’ needs. Animex products are delivered ready for use: no setup nor adjustments are required. Animex products are suitable for all existing honing machines.

Very high precision and excellent surface finish grit are the key factors provided by Animex and are fundamental in fields of activities such as hydraulics, automotive and aerospace. A specific solution to each situation is consequently developed.

Microtechnics Know-How

Located in the middle of the Swiss micro technology cluster, Animex has acquired during the last 60 yearsan extensive know­how and experience allowing to provide to the customers rapid and high quality customized solutions.

This innovation and excellence are at the heart of the Animex business strategy and represent the guarantee for the customers to receive a simple and practical product. Animex is seeking to permanently improve its close customers’ relationship, investing all its know­how and competence in the service provided.